Discussion with Student Government candidates

While most people running for office unopposed would just take it easy and wait until the election, Martha Spangler and Ben Kaipust see it as a challenge.
"Since we are in the unique position of running unopposed, we can't just tell everyone what we want to do for them," said Kaipust, vice-president on the ticket.  "So, we really want to go out and campaign and listen to suggestions."

August commencement eliminated

Thomas Wallace, UNO's new vice chancellor for student affairs, promised students early last semester he would begin new traditions around campus.  He begins the new by breaking one of UNO's oldest traditions by the end of this summer.

New changes at Peter Kiewit Institute causing student complaints

Possible construction, which is in the final stages of planning, at the Peter Kiewit Institute has some students upset.

University of Nebraska braces for $50 million in system-wide budget cuts

The economic downturn sweeping the nation hasn't missed UNO.

Three Days of Service aids flood-damaged area, builds sense of community in students

When environmental disasters strike, an overwhelming amount of aid is often needed to get victims back on their feet.

Omaha and several adjacent areas experienced flood damage from an over-filled Missouri River this summer, and there is still plenty of a mess to clean up.  This year's Three Days of Service work retreat focused on aiding flooded areas.

Snow day was a chance to test new warning system

Andrew Evans, eagerly awaiting the news of a snow day on Thursday, couldn't contain his excitement when he received a text from UNO on Wednesday night. Reading that all activities and classes scheduled on campus on Feb. 21 had been cancelled, the text message signaled a day of winter weather, safety from less than favorable road conditions and refuge from his 7 a.m. English class.
UNO's emergency text messaging system, which sends instant alerts directly to registered subscribers' e-mail accounts and mobile devices via text message, sent phones abuzz Wednesday night when users were alerted of a snow day for Thursday. Hundreds of subscribed students like Evans are now the first to know of any UNO related emergencies due to the system and the number of subscribers increasing as telecommunication implements a new plan to increase membership to the system.

‘Times’ series makes newspaper “catalyst for discussion”

The Newspapers in Curricula program and several University of Nebraska-Omaha professors have once again teamed up to put current world and local news in perspective for students. They're also aiming to help relieve the stress of communicating in groups with a bunch of strangers.