Board of Regents approves joint program in Biomedical Informatics

Technology has changed how everything gets done. Communication, data and information are all done over computer systems. The need for professionals trained in information sciences and technology has exploded, creating countless fields that never existed even 50 years ago.
Last week the Board of Regents approved a joint program in biomedical informatics for UNO and UNMC.

Spangler, Kaipust running for leadership unopposed

At the end of their freshman year, Martha Spangler and Ben Kaipust knew they were going to run for Student Body President-Regent and Vice President. Having served on the Freshman Leadership Council and Student Senate, the goal of becoming President-Regent and Vice President has always been on their radar.

Student Senate supports employee plus one benefits

The University of Nebraska Omaha Student Senate passed a resolution Sept. 15 supporting the adoption of Employee Plus One Benefits for employees' domestic partners.

Mav Ride Program offering 800 students a lift

This fall the UNO Student Government is sponsoring the return of the Mav Ride Program.  This is the third year that the Student Government is partnered with the Omaha Metro to provide prepaid fare cards to UNO students.  The cards are free to students and can be used on any City bus that is routed to UNO.  

CPACS study finds Nebraska draws Floridians, Georgians

According to a study recently released by UNO's College of Public Administration and Community Service, Nebraska has been gaining residents from all over the country.

Eclectic Trappings

Because of the low light emanating from a single light source in the room, Bonnie O'Connell's first-floor office could be mistaken for a library or an art museum.

Crime Log

Crime log 4-12-11