University promotes sustainability in week-long celebration

UNO extended Earth Day for a week-long celebration focusing on sustainability.

Counseling Center prompted to address sexual assualt

By Hannah Gill, Contributor The Red Zone may sound like a section at the Maverick hockey games, but it refers to the period from the...

Tuition at UNO to increase for upcoming school year

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents approved a tuition increase for the University of Nebraska school system at their June 1 meeting. Schools affected...

Oversized greeting card gets students’ attention

Students caught a glimpse of the Freshman Leadership Council (FLC) last week, as they stood both inside and outside the student center with an oversized greeting card, urging passersby to write messages for incoming freshmen.  The greeting card, which will be presented to incoming freshmen this fall, is a new idea the FLC hopes to make a UNO tradition.

Joe Iwen: Keeping UNO Beautiful

Alec White CONTRIBUTOR People love to say don’t judge a book by its cover, but Joe Iwen knows better. As a groundskeeper for the University of Nebraska...

UNO professor named Nebraska Music Teacher of the Year

Music theory professor Ken Bales is currently over 6,000 miles away on a trip to China with the UNO Jazz Ensemble. On the trip, Bales is discussing and discovering with students the concepts of art and music.

Though he's visiting a country with a very different culture, Bales is content. After all, there he can find music and his students, the two most meaningful things in his life.

UNO Student Government fights for taxless textbooks, safe sex

By Nathan Stephenson, Contributor The University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Government supported textbook tax cuts, passed a resolution in support of a smoke-free campus,...

Dr. Jack Heidel, chair of UNO Math department running against Lee Terry

"I'm Jack Heidel.  I'm running for Congress in the Republican primary.  My platform is to eliminate the deficit and the incumbent, Lee Terry, is not doing anything about it." A fiscally conservative candidate, Heidel incorporated a touch of humor to his stance, alluding to the sarcasm of obvious conventions he must follow to represent his campaign.