Goodbye 62 Truck

Wednesday, FX said goodbye to what was easily its best show, "Rescue Me."

Game of Thrones Recap: No One

Charles Turner CONTRIBUTOR And Game of Thrones moves forward with what has been an excellent season. No One subverts elements we know about the show, and pays...

The angriest man on TV returns for another round

Elmore Leonard is arguably one of the greatest American writers in history.  His work has been adapted many times for both TV and the big screen. Some adaptations have been exceptionally good, such as "Jackie Brown" or "Out of Sight." Others not so much, as was the case with the TV show "Karen Sisco" and the movie "The Big Bounce."

“Luke Cage” pilot episode: “Moment of Truth” stuns and provokes when we need it

Rob Carraher CONTRIBUTOR The uproar surrounding the 2016 Academy Awards was caused by a lack of diversity among the academy’s nominees. That is only part of...

‘The Patterns never lie:’ ‘Touch’ has a good start

"Touch," the new series by Tim Kring ("Heroes"), requires a pretty big leap of faith. It's an incredibly high concept and has moments that are hard to believe.

Atlanta: Donald Glover’s fresh, new show on FX

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Donald Glover wears a lot of hats. He started out as that kid on “Community,” eventually became a rapper and...

Game of Thrones Recap: The Winds of Winter

Charles Turner CONTRIBUTOR Before we get into the episode (and there’s a lot to get into), it might be worth noting that imdb falsely credited several...

Magic Men: The return of ‘Mad Men’

"Mad Men," perhaps one of the best shows on TV, returned Sunday night after an agonizing 17-month hiatus.