Magic Men: The return of ‘Mad Men’

"Mad Men," perhaps one of the best shows on TV, returned Sunday night after an agonizing 17-month hiatus.

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Finally, a little “Sunshine” in our sitcoms

What do you get when you combine "Arrested Development," and "Sports Night," with "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?"  You get the new ABC comedy "Mr. Sunshine."

‘Idol’ hopeful makes Omaha stop

There are many stops on the road to becoming the next ‘American Idol.' For Caleb Halwey, Omaha is one of them.

100th anniversary brings new Titanic mini-series

When it comes to Titanic, the first thing people our age usually think of is that floppy-haired dreamboat named Leo who would ultimately sweep Rose and every girl in the world off their feet in 1997.

“Luke Cage” pilot episode: “Moment of Truth” stuns and provokes when we need it

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