A world at war: “Battle Los Angeles”

Fair warning - if your nerves are easily jangled, stay far away from the new action flick "Battle: Los Angeles." 15 minutes after the opening credits I was chewing at my fingernails. By the middle of the film, my hands were actually shaking. Right from the beginning, this movie takes off and doesn't let up until the final credits roll.

Dorm fire

A new outbreak has plagued UNO dorms recently. A fire ant epidemic has left students in Maverick Village stunned and upset over the recent isolated incident. Reports of the new bug infestation hit the health department Friday morning.

Top 10 movies you can rent from the UNO library

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR 10. THE MALTESE FALCON What’s great about “The Maltese Falcon” is that, despite its age, it doesn’t feel dry or obtuse...

Portugal. The Man at the Slowdown

Jeff Turner SENIOR STAFF WRITER It was a cold and dreary night at the Slowdown this past Tuesday. The Slowdown is easily one of the best...

Study Spots: Omaha offers variety, quality

By Kelly Langin, Contributor The final 14 days at the end of the semester known as dead week and finals week are swiftly approaching. Students...

The Oscars 2016

Jeff Turner A&E EDITOR The Oscars have been announced, and they offer up the most surprising contenders the show has seen in years. Some, like “Lion,”...

Criss Library adds Kindle collection

The Criss Library's Kindle collection received an update recently, including the addition of a Kindle Fire and seven Kindle Touch devices. The devices arrived shortly before winter break and went into circulation as the spring semester began.

Top 15 Apps for the iCollegian

Life as a college student is challenging. Why not simplify things a little if you can? If you have an iPad, iPod or iPhone or if you are just iCurious… ahem, curious, I've compiled a list of apps that I've found either useful, efficient or - because we all need a little frivolity in our lives - silly.