FirstLOOK: Runway preview of Nebraska Crossing Outlets


On Thursday, Nov. 14, some of the area's most fashion-forward residents were treated to the new Nebraska Crossing Outlets' FirstLOOK event before the mall's grand opening on Friday, Nov. 15.

UNO holds 15th annual Jazz Camp

Megan Fabry CONTRIBUTOR Eager young musicians walked inside the Milo Bail Student Center with their instruments tucked in a case and music in their hearts, ready...

Omaha’s creative culture expands as Esoteric Velvet grows

Esoteric Velvet, an Omaha based design consultant company run by Meghann Schense and Sarah Stormberg, is no doubt "special and rare." The definition of esoteric is "limited to a small circle," or of "special, rare or unusual interest," according to  However, Esoteric Velvet is far from "limited to a small circle."

Netflix and thrills

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR October is here, which means an impending array of pumpkin spice, haunted attractions and—the spookiest of all—midterms. Take a break from the...

Wake up and smell the coffee

According to, American coffee drinkers consume an average of 3.1 cups of java per day. No doubt that statistic holds true, as coffee shops continue to appear everywhere, catering to people's daily caffeine needs.
It's safe to say Starbucks has been a pinnacle player in fueling the coffee craze. Over 40 years ago, the company began their trek of coffee world domination when the first Starbucks opened in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market, according to the company's website.

‘Haywire’ an indecisive action film

When you think of Steven Soderbergh, you don't usually think of break-neck action and intense fight scenes. But that's what you get with his new film, "Haywire."

Omaha botanical gardens offer winter fun despite the cold temps

For most Omahans, going to a botanical garden center doesn't sound like a fun activity in the winter. However, at Lauritzen Gardens, there is an indoor activity that makes the local botanical center worth a trip, even with some snow on the ground.

Strong first season finale for “You’re the Worst”

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR “You’re the Worst” is one of the most starkly original plays on televised romantic comedies in recent memory. The show...