Hello World! Putting it all together

Well, hello again! This week in Hello World! we're applying everything we've covered over the past month, throwing in some new stuff, and using our knowledge to develop a slightly more complex game program.

Gallery exhibit features three shows in one

Danielle Meadows SENIOR REPORTER Exhibitions by local and national artists are on display in the UNO Art Gallery, reflecting on topics ranging from the world of...

Actors and execution save “Breakout Kings”

The key to good television is believability. Regardless of the story, the characters have to be people you want to know and the writing strong enough that you're willing to follow the characters anywhere.

Los Portales provides authentic food at reasonable price

Cassie Wade MANAGING EDITOR Wedged between a gas station and a string of houses lining 13th St.,Los Portales looks like just another hole-in-the-wall South O restaurant. The food,...

UNO seniors, the cream of the crop

Surrounded by scenes of violent tornadoes, community members were taken by storm through the works of the Crop, the UNO Writer's Workshop's student organization, this past Tuesday in the UNO Art Gallery.

UNO student revives art club after four-year hiatus

Danielle Meadows SENIOR REPORTER After being inactive for nearly four years, a UNO art student is bringing color back to the A.R.T.S. After noticing a disconnect be-tween...

iPads in high schools: High schools embrace technology and fine arts

Rachael Vacanti CONTRIBUTOR In the past five years, high school has changed dramatically, especially in the arts, technology and private schools. Professor Adam Tyma, the graduate program...

2013 VMA Recap:

The VMAs never disappoint. This year, the awards show brought A-list performances, controversy and twerking.