Marissa Nadler Laid Emotions Bare

Charles Turner CONTRIBUTOR I actually had never been to a concert at Reverb Lounge in Benson before. So when I was asked to go cover Marissa...

Suuns are a band on the rise

What do they sound like?" is a question often asked when  you tell someone about a new band. Sometimes, one can just say that a band makes rock music. Other times, the answer is more difficult, and we try to compare them to a better-known band. If the band is worth talking about, comparisons are difficult to come by. A band worth taking notice of isn't trying to sound like someone else or copy the latest "in" band. A band worth noticing makes its own sound. 

132nd Oktoberfest: German-American Society annual event

Brenna Paulson CONTRIBUTOR Under the light of a full moon, people in lederhosen and flower crowns drank and danced the night away at the German-American Society’s...

Nature fills Durham in photo form

Derek Munyon Arts & Entertainment Editor There are 16,938 known endangered species in the world. Beautiful and moving photos of some of these animals, along with other diverse and wild...

“The Next Day” reminiscent of vintage David Bowie

The Thin White Duke is back.
After a ten year hiatus, David Bowie, aka Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Major Tom, has returned with his latest studio album, "The Next Day," and it's as good as any that are, by now, considered his classic albums. Bowie's musical career spans nearly four decades, and for those of us who remember most of it, his latest offering is a welcome offering.

The Malleable Body

Ages ago, the atoms that make up your body at this very moment were born through nuclear fusion in the cores of stars.  As the saying goes, you're nothing more than stardust.