Omaha’s creative culture expands as Esoteric Velvet grows

Esoteric Velvet, an Omaha based design consultant company run by Meghann Schense and Sarah Stormberg, is no doubt "special and rare." The definition of esoteric is "limited to a small circle," or of "special, rare or unusual interest," according to  However, Esoteric Velvet is far from "limited to a small circle."

‘Bro rap’ clouds creative music in real hip-hop

By Phil Brown, Contributor Omaha has been spoiled rotten when it comes to visiting hip-hop acts in the last few months. Artists such as Joey...

Black Swan: A future American classic

Any film fan worth their salt can usually predict who's going to be nominated for the major award shows. This year is no different, and although it usually leads to some epic battles, one thing most people can agree on is that when the nominees are announced later this month, the best actress category will probably sound a little like this: "And the nominees are...Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman and Natalie Portman."

J. Cole shuns industry norms in revolutionary album

By Nick Beaulieu, Editor-In-Chief “Do you want to be… happy?” It’s a question with an obvious answer at face value. But it’s the recurring phrase throughout the intro...

Racing train brings new hero aboard

Anyone who has seen a movie starring Denzel Washington knows his proven ability to engage his audience and steal their hearts, no matter what character he plays. However, it could catch someone off guard to see that the Oscar award-winner plays a more humble role as Frank Barnes in "Unstoppable" in order to let a new guy get some rave. 

‘Side Effects’ film a hit or miss?

"There always are side effects," says Emily Taylor in Steven Soderbergh's new movie "Side Effects," which definitely leaves you feeling lost as the credits roll.
"Side Effects" will leave you in a state of conflict.  The film stars Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones in unexpected, risky roles.  Sodenbergh attempts to capture the controversy facing mental illness in the eyes of the court.

Bruno Mars brings class back to music

Bruno Mars has said in interviews that from a young age he was exposed to a variety of music including reggae, rock, hip hop, and R&B. He began impersonating and performing songs by Michael Jackson, Elvis and The Temptations. It's these artists' influence that listeners can hear the most of in Mars' debut fulllength album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans.'

Evil Dead: The Musical is a job well done

Halloween is several months away, but if you're looking for a blood and gore fix, the Omaha Community Playhouse has what you need.
"Evil Dead: The Musical" opened on Feb. 8 at the Omaha Community Playhouse.  The show will be running Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm until March 17. Tickets are $40 for adults and $18 for students.
The musical is based off of the 1981 cult classic film about five college students that break into a cabin in the woods, hoping to have a spring break full of beer, sex and partying.  But ancient demons locked away in the cabin are released, sending the trip on a downward spiral from hell.