Skrillex sells out, moves show to Sokol Auditorium

Dubstep, a new sound taking over the music scene, is known for its intense, low frequencies and strong bass line.  Musical artists like Skrillex are using dubstep to create dynamic and inventive mixes and songs.


Kris Lager Band wows Waiting Room

The music was groovy and the crowd was alive with energy on May 28 at Waiting Room Lounge. Although minors needed permission slips to enter, the show was open to all ages and featured three of Omaha's local bands.


Your 2011 Music Festival Guide

Summer is just around the corner, and you're probably planning on checking out some music festivals.  Here's a friendly guide to help make your festival experience fantastic.

Radiohead turns in powerful performance with “King of Limbs”

Radiohead has found a unique balance between the bizarre and the entertaining with their last few albums.

Let the music festival season begin

Summer is approaching fast, and many of us are thinking about what we're going to do, where we're going to go, what shows we're going to see, where and when are we going to work, and how much booze we may or may not imbibe. One of the most exciting things to think about is all the music festivals that will be happening. Not so exciting, however, is thinking of how to pay for them.

UNO music program ends year on high note

UNO's Department of Music had a busy year.

Twelfth Night: Q & A with the director

Twelfth Night," directed by UNO Professor Cindy Melby Phaneuf, opens April 15 at the UNO Theatre. It's the director's third time working with this play, and her first opportunity to work with a student cast. UNO theater major Xin Shao spoke with Phaneuf regarding "Twelfth Night," beginning with a brief plot synopsis.

The intention was bass

You can't walk very well (even if you're sober) because the floor is covered in sweat and booze - and maybe even some other bodily fluids. Your ears are ringing and you can't seem to figure out what your friend is saying to you. Your legs feel like jelly and your whole body is aching. Your hair is soaking wet, you may or may not have the shirt on that you originally had at the beginning of the night. Most importantly, you have a grin reaching from ear to ear.