“Heartthrob” album takes Tegan and Sara in new directions

From their 1999 debut album, "Under Feet Like Ours," Canadian duo Tegan and Sara have evolved in both sound and songwriting with each consecutive album. Their newest album, "Heartthrob," is no exception. This energized dance party of an album strays from the duo's traditional folk rock sound and easily relates to feelings of desire, love, friendship and youth: the quintessential topics of this and any electro-pop record.

Summer’s best and worst in music

Summer is a time when most students try their best to relax. Whether they're hanging out by the pool, catching up on the latest book or just hanging out with friends, most students have a soundtrack to accompany their summer. This summer has brought several album releases, some being much better than others.

Note-worthy performances at Jazz on the Green

Megan Fabry A&E EDITOR Thousands gathered in Turner Park, bringing lawn chairs and blankets, trying to find the best spot for the much anticipated summer music...

Expressive UNO flute teacher inspires the audience

Christine Beard is the flute professor at UNO and an equally, an expressive performer. Most days you would see Beard inspiring students in her office, but on Wednesday, Jan. 30 the audience was gifted with her masterful talents.

The Afro Nick mixes classic with new in unique sound

By Zane Fletcher, Culture Editor From the first bars of their self-titled album, it is apparent that The Afro Nick has a sound that strikes a curious dichotomy...

The UNO Day of Percussion celebrates rhythm and cymbals

Late afternoon Saturday, April 7, the UNO Department of Music performed its annual Day of Percussion at the Strauss Performing Arts Hall.

Saxophone orgasm

On Feb. 10, Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, aka Big Gigantic, came to The Waiting Room Lounge to show us what they're capable of. That they did, and then some. Some cats in an electro group called Somasphere, who hail from Lincoln, came along. The show started at 9 p.m. and didn't stop until 2 a.m. - you've got to love it when a band appreciates your presence and gives you your money's worth. For 12 bucks, the price was right.

Drastic Plastic: Still Underground

Jeff Turner CONTRIBUTOR I remember a few years ago, I was out with my cousin and uncle in downtown Omaha. We went to a record store that...