Ben Rector’s “Brand New” leads to sold-out Omaha show

Hope Schreiner CONTRIBUTOR Known for his upbeat melodies and relatable lyrics, Ben Rector is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter based in Nashville who is finally making his way...

Junior Boys impress at the Slowdown

Danielle Meadows CONTRIBUTOR Canada-based electropop band Junior Boys performed at the Slowdown Sept. 24, a popular music venue and bar located about 15 minutes from the...

Florence + the Machine stunning in new album, ‘Ceremonials’

It's rare that a musician releases an album and every track is brilliant, but Florence + the Machine has done just that with its latest album, "Ceremonials."

Nebraska Pop Music Festival continues to blossom and impress each year

Music festivals in Nebraska used to be few and far between, but over the last few years the people of Nebraska have created an impressive list, including the Nebraska Pop Music Festival.

Muse’s ‘2nd Law’ a shining example of the musical eclectic

On September 28, 2012, English alternative rock band Muse released their album 2nd Law. With the rising popularity of the band's new single, "Madness," and their recent performances on shows like Saturday Night Live, Muse is quickly taking over the American music scene.
The sixth studio album release from the trio was to be "something radically different" from their previous albums, according to bassist Christopher Wolstenholme in an interview with UK magazine Karrang!
With the varying blend of genres, radically different it is.

Swedish teen Yung Lean impresses through early work

By Phil Brown, Contributor Few rappers in the game right now embody Swedish cloud rap/trap like Yung Lean. Okay, maybe Yung Lean is the only...

Odd Future’s front man, runner-up merge into adulthood, release albums

By Taleisha Newbill, Contributor Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt are in a new space and place then their early teenage years in the beginning stages of...

Omaha poster child returns with album

By Phil Brown, Contributor To start off the weekly series, I’d like to take a look back at an album that was released earlier in...