Jurassic Park returns in all of its glory, now a 3D experience

We've all seen it. We've all tried recreating the ripple effect in the cup of water. We've all said "cleva' girl" to our friends when they're smart. And we've all squealed when we thought the raptors were going to get the kids in the kitchen.

Hotel Transylvania: A little slice of alternative heaven

In "Hotel Transylvania" the monsters are endearing and the humor is light hearted.  Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler, does not trust humans.  He builds a hotel as a haven for monsters to escape the human world and for them to be themselves in all their hairy, scary ways, void of human judgment and ridicule.

Birdman is most fascinating, unique film of the year

By Tressa Eckerman, Contributor There is a hysterical, unhinged hilarity to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s new film Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) and the...

‘Men in Black III’ stays true to form, answers some questions

The duo is back and better than ever. After a wildly successful start in 1997 and a not-so-splendid sequel in 2002, many were wondering if "Men in Black III" would make the cut. 

3-D brings ‘Jackass’ to new levels of disgusting

The "Jackass" crew returns to theaters for a third time, this time bringing 3-D to its TV spin-off.

When the idea of filming in 3-D was suggested, at first Johnny Knoxville and company were worried about adding such a completely new element to the film.

A brief history: Corey Feldman

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Former child actor Corey Feldman gave a live performance from his new album Sept. 16, and it was…weird. Like some...

Low-budget animated cult classic impresses

By Phil Brown, Contributor Hayao Miyazaki, the veteran filmmaker and artist whose career spanned over six decades, retired earlier this year. This made the controversial...

A retrospective view of “Scooby Doo”

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Scooby Doo, Where Are You? is an irrefutable staple of pop culture. It is also, something many children this generation...