“Beastly” updates a classic romance

Often cliché, but at times extremely witty, "Beastly" is a modern take on a tale as old as time, expertly adapted by writer and director Daniel Barnz ("Phoebe in Wonderland") from the novel by Alex Flynn.

Binge watching: marathons may magnify television merit

By Zane Fletcher, Culture Editor As I sat watching my sixth episode for the day of NBC’s “Community” while pondering about what I wished to...

Israeli director Shimon Dotan comes to UNO

Danielle Meadows CONTRIBUTOR Award-winning Israeli film director Shimon Dotan visited Universty of Nebraska at Omaha last week, screening his controversial film “The Settlers.” The film covers...

‘Arthur’ remake won’t please fans of the original

Admirers of the original 1981 flick written and directed by Steve Gordon might want to steer clear of the recent remake of "Arthur." No longer filled with subtle humor, this rom-com remake is evidence of a clear generation gap.

A look inside the Aksarben Cinema Center

For years, Cinema Center, located on 84th and West Center Road, was the local theater for people who lived in the Aksarben area. When the big orange theater closed a few years ago, it left a huge void.  When the new Aksarben Cinema opens today, that void may finally be filled.

Now on DVD: “Swiss Army Man”

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR “Swiss Army Man” is a masterstroke. In filmmaking style, execution and character development, it represents pure, raw refusal to commit...

Fury: brutal, unrelenting examination of war boasts exceptional performances

By Tressa Eckerman, Contributor Fury (2014) Director: David Ayer David Ayer made an exceptional impression with his underrated cop thriller “End of Watch” and he’s returned with...

FX brings the awkward with both “Wilfred” and “Louie”

A crude Australian man in a cheap dog suit and a painfully awkward single dad just trying to get by. They don't exactly sound like the most common TV stars, but when has anything on FX ever been common?