Summer box office: a polarizing cinema season

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR This summer’s box office promised plenty and delivered an unusual mix. Reflection on this past movie season reveals what happens to cinema when...

The Oscars 2016

Jeff Turner A&E EDITOR The Oscars have been announced, and they offer up the most surprising contenders the show has seen in years. Some, like “Lion,”...

3-D brings ‘Jackass’ to new levels of disgusting

The "Jackass" crew returns to theaters for a third time, this time bringing 3-D to its TV spin-off.

When the idea of filming in 3-D was suggested, at first Johnny Knoxville and company were worried about adding such a completely new element to the film.

Summer’s best and worst in movies

As the summer heat plagues Omaha, many students flock from the outdoors into the coolness of the movie theater to enjoy a bucket of popcorn, a cold drink and some classic entertainment.

‘Titanic’ stunningly tragic in 3D

James Cameron's wildly successful "Titanic" is back in theaters, giving audiences a whole new perspective with the magic of 3D. But is the transformation worth another trip to the movie theater? Absolutely.

‘Hugo’ the future of 3D

One of the most magical films of 2011, "Hugo," premiered on Nov. 23. "Hugo" hits the screens as one of the best movies to see in 3D. Director Martin Scorsese has received overwhelming attention for his ability to integrate color, composition, acting and camera movement into beautiful 3D filmmaking.

Suicide Squad early reactions strongly negative

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR As of this writing I have not seen Suicide Squad yet, so I will be basing my writing off of...