Gone Girl, Crime thriller amazes

By Zane Fletcher, Culture Editor For the first time in recent memory, at the conclusion of a movie I needed to sit back (as I...

“Rogue One” fails to reach full potential

Jeff Turner SENIOR STAFF WRITER Editor’s note: This review contains spoilers about the movie. The purchase of the Star Wars franchise by Disney has been a massive...

14 free summer concerts in Omaha, elsewhere

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“Annihilation” does justice for the science-fiction and horror genres

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Topher, you could do better than “Take Me Home Tonight”

Regular viewers of the now defunct "That 70s Show" can tell you that Topher Grace was always too good for the show. I got the same feeling watching his new 80s comedy, "Take Me Home Tonight."

“Lego Batman Movie” rides predecessor’s success

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Classic Disney movies heading to campus

Let's take a trip back to 1999.  Every month, a new Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) premiered and instantly became a classic tale for elementary school students.  While these movies were the talk of the playground, in recent years they have become hard to find.  
Luckily for UNO students, classics like "Smart House," "The Color of Friendship" and "Brink!" are coming to campus, thanks to Maverick Productions.  
The student-run organization is looking to provide your DCOM fix with a Disney Channel Movie Series this semester. "Smart House" will kick off the series Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom.

Omaha movie theaters

Choosing a movie theater is easy for University of Nebraska Omaha students when there are three different theaters located just minutes away.