“Safe House” an entertaining action flick

Taking place over a span of three days, "Safe House" stars Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost, a rogue CIA agent who has been off the grid for almost 10 years. In Cape Town, South Africa he walks into the American consulate and turns himself in. He's transported to a safe house run by young CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), desperate to get a new, more exciting post. Frost is considered one of the most dangerous men in the world and is now Weston's "house guest."

Warcraft: Film Review

Charles Turner CONTRIBUTOR “Adapted from a video game” seems like a kiss of death for your movie. That’s because it’s usually a kiss of death for...

Binge watching: marathons may magnify television merit

By Zane Fletcher, Culture Editor As I sat watching my sixth episode for the day of NBC’s “Community” while pondering about what I wished to...

“American Sniper” an emotional look into a soldier’s psyche

By Zane Fletcher, Culture Editor It was the journey of a man who just wanted to fight for his country, had to fight to keep his family together and...

The Ready Set rocks packed Waiting Room

Anticipation and screams filled the air April 2 at The Waiting Room as the crowd, which consisted mainly of teenage girls, waited for The Ready Set to take the stage. The show was the Omaha leg of the Glamour Kills Tour, for which The Ready Set is headlining.

What is this Thing?

In 1938, science fiction writer John W. Campbell wrote "Who Goes There?" a ground breaking novella about isolation, paranoia and an alien life form with the ability to mimic living organisms. In 1951, his story was adapted into "The Thing from Outer Space," now a cult-classic.

‘Red Tails’ a ‘phenomenal and inspiring’ film

A few of the original Tuskegee Airmen attended the Omaha red carpet premiere of "Red Tails" at Aksarben Cinema on Jan. 20. UNO's Air Force ROTC Detachment 470 performed as Color Guard for the event.

Oscar Predictions 2019

Jeff Turner CONTRIBUTOR The 2019 Oscars have been unique to say the least. Normally, a typical slate of Best Pictures will feature mostly good movies with...