Patti LuPone replaces ‘Glee’ star in Omaha Performing Arts’ Popular Series

Broadway star Patti LuPone has been announced as the latest addition to Omaha Performing Arts' 2011-2012 Popular Series.

This Season’s Hautest Transitional Trends

Not all warm-weather garments need to be left behind with swimwear and sunburns. Popular summer trends can be incorporated into your fabulous fall wardrobe and can make the transition to the cooler months hauter than ever. 

Omaha Entertainment and Arts Nominee Reveal Night

Local performers, artists and musicians celebrated a night of nominees for the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards at the House of Loom.

Hotel Transylvania: A little slice of alternative heaven

In "Hotel Transylvania" the monsters are endearing and the humor is light hearted.  Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler, does not trust humans.  He builds a hotel as a haven for monsters to escape the human world and for them to be themselves in all their hairy, scary ways, void of human judgment and ridicule.

Graduate student by day, musician by night

Aaron Jordan is a University of Nebraska Omaha graduate student by day and a musician by night.

Q & A with Nancy Anaya

A senior at UNO, began her modeling career long ago when Ugg boots became cool.

Sarah Mckinstry-Brown: Cradling Monsoons

Sarah Mckinstry-Brown is a poet, mother and wife.  She is one woman balancing a monsoon of tasks. Mckinstry-Brown explained that life's gifts and blessings can become cumbersome, such is the nature of life.  This is the inspiration behind her new full-length collection of poetry, "Cradling Monsoons."

Lauritzen Gardens “Metamorphosis” exhibit promotes sustainability through art

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR Lauritzen Gardens is currently hosting the “Metamorphosis” exhibit, which highlights human environmental impact through colorful sculptures constructed of plastics and other non-biodegradable...