Calendar of Events 3-3-11

Calendar of Events 3-3-11


Hi there!  Candi here.  Alright, you got me, my name isn't really Candi.  But behind this mysterious alias and accompanying silhouette, I'm one of you.  I'm a student walking amongst you on the sidewalks, sitting next to you in class and beating you out of that parking spot.  Nice to finally meet you!
I'm here to talk to you about the "L" word.  You know what word I'm referring to.  But first let's clarify that this is not an advice column (however if you'd like my not-so-expert advice anyway, feel free to tweet me- Candi_Dates_).  This is an observation, discussion, inferential column regarding common woes of the dating world.  We can figure this out together, people!  Have an idea you'd like me to talk about?  Let me know! 

Austin natives Ume play the Waiting Room

Maybe I'm getting old, but as Austin, TX-based band Ume (pronounced ooh-may) played the Waiting Room on Wednesday Nov. 8 all I kept thinking was, "someone, please, turn that noise down."

Red Theater gives Shakespeare a modern edge

Red Theater's production of "Red Hamlet" flips the Shakespeare classic on its head, turning hero into villain and villain into hero. The play drips with emotion from beginning to end.

Good Old War, a coming together of melody, enchanting folk tunes and Indie rock

If you love Omaha's warm, loving musical scene, prepare yourself for a truly out-of-this-world Indie rock concert experience by Philadelphia-based indie band Good Old War. Made up of the trio Keith Goodwin, Daniel Schwartz, and Tim Arnold, the band is scheduled to play Omaha's Sokol Auditorium along with NeedtoBreathe and Matthew Mayfield on Oct. 24. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. 

‘Moon’ a tragic story of love and loss

"I imagine this play as if it were an old photo album…a love note left between two pages of a book. It captures a moment in these…people's lives that changes them," read the director's notes from Zack Jennison in the program to his production of "A Moon for the Misbegotten." Jennison's graduate thesis production was simple yet beautiful and executed his vision perfectly.

Trampled by Turtles to take over Waiting Room for a folk-filled night

Anyone looking for an out-of-this-world bluegrass and folk concert should look no further than The Waiting Room, located in Benson, on Dec. 4. Fans will be graced with the presence of a progressive bluegrass and folk band, Trampled by Turtles, and the very talented folk musician, William ElliottWhitmore.

Buck Bowen to release new EP “Neuterections” this week

In 2007, Omaha native Buck Bowen took the stage for what was supposed to be his last show ever.  He had decided to quit music, once and for all.
 Without telling a soul, Bowen then left Omaha and set his sails for Costa Rica.  
Flash to present day, Bowen is back in Omaha making music. However, don't expect to see the same comedic rapper that you knew in 2007.