Shins drops new album after five-year break

Every so often an album comes along that's flawless from beginning to end.  Indie rock band from Albuquerque, N.M., The Shins have done just that with their latest album "Port of Morrow" released on March 20. This is the band's fourth studio album.

UNO professor examines unexposed culture

"They are very underrepresented and misunderstood," Dr. Bridget Blomfield says when speaking about the Shi'a women that she writes about.    

Homecoming expected to wow students with circus shockers

Next week's Homecoming activities are expected to surprise. Students should prepare for a circus-themed week of celebration. The goal this year is to attract as many students as possible.

War a fascinating topic for students

War is a terrible part of the human experience. During my lifetime there have been U.S. military operations in Honduras, Panama, Somalia, Liberia, Serbia, Bosnia and Libya. This list is brief and doesn't even include the current War on Terror or Operation Desert Storm, but the point is that war as an institution has been a part of all of our realities in one way or another for our entire lives.

Tickets to the Summer Cinema


Movie magic provided this summer with box-office films, critically acclaimed performances and the occasional big-budget flop. Grab a bucket of popcorn and take an insider's peek at reviews from this season's warm-weather film debuts. No ticket necessary. 

Spectators invited to explore a new “forum” of theatre

Sometimes theatre is as much about the audience as it's about the actors onstage, and on Monday, April 25, the UNO Forum Theatre hopes to demonstrate that.

Graduating students’ thesis projects on display

Danielle Meadows SENIOR REPORTER Pieces by graduating studio art majors will close out the semester at the UNO Art Gallery. From the shading and precise lines that...

‘The Government Inspector’ will be ‘laugh out loud funny’

UNO theatre's latest production of "The Government Inspector" promises to be a good time. The play is adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from Nikolai Gogol's original Russian piece. Professor Doug Paterson will direct.