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“The Art of the Brick” builds excitement downtown

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR “The Art of the Brick” is an exhibit currently on display in downtown Omaha that consists of art created entirely out of...

Counter-strike respawning with modern shooter

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) released Aug. 21, is a reworking of Counter-Strike: Source (CSS).  The game is available on PC, Mac, XBOX, and PS3 via digital download for $15.

‘The Government Inspector’ will be ‘laugh out loud funny’

UNO theatre's latest production of "The Government Inspector" promises to be a good time. The play is adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from Nikolai Gogol's original Russian piece. Professor Doug Paterson will direct.

The Omahahop Report

Hello, fellow hop heads! I apologize for the lack of beer news lately, but sometimes life gets super busy! Fear not, as I am back. I hope you enjoy these tidbits of information. There are some great things going on in the Omaha beer world and some great new beers are in stock. Prost!          

Sound Shapes’ mixes making music with game play

"Sound Shapes" lies somewhere between a music creation tool and two-dimensional platformer. It's closer to the latter, but playing "Sound Shapes" is as much about creating a song as it is reaching the end of the level.

Steel Magnolias, hilarious and heart wrenching

On Friday, April 15, "Steel Magnolias" opened at the Omaha Community Playhouse.

Sitar player makes Black Angels music even more unique

The Black Angels' music is unique. The sitar player adds a special touch.