The angriest man on TV returns for another round

Elmore Leonard is arguably one of the greatest American writers in history.  His work has been adapted many times for both TV and the big screen. Some adaptations have been exceptionally good, such as "Jackie Brown" or "Out of Sight." Others not so much, as was the case with the TV show "Karen Sisco" and the movie "The Big Bounce."

Benson & The Old Market: Omaha’s crown jewels

Jeff Turner ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR A lot is said about Seattle, a lot about New York, a lot about Denver, Portland, LA, Oakland, Boston, but...

Goodbye 62 Truck

Wednesday, FX said goodbye to what was easily its best show, "Rescue Me."

‘Super 8’ lacks originality, suspense

"Super 8," the new sci-fi thriller directed by J.J. Abrams, has a lot going for it. It's set in the ‘70s, a decade ripe for funky styles and awesome music. The plot features a conspiracy involving the U.S. Air Force and a whistle-blowing scientist. And Elle Fanning, Dakota's darling younger sister, stars as a moody teenager who's victim to circumstances beyond her control.


“The Greatest Showman” means well but fails to deliver

Hope Schreiner Going into a movie with high expectations is a dangerous thing. Sometimes it pays off, but other times you may leave the theater...

This Season’s Hautest Transitional Trends

Not all warm-weather garments need to be left behind with swimwear and sunburns. Popular summer trends can be incorporated into your fabulous fall wardrobe and can make the transition to the cooler months hauter than ever. 

Maha Festival a Success

The Maha Music festival, an all-day music showcase designed to display Omaha's rich creative culture, took place this year on a breezy, overcast day that provided a much needed break from the heat. The crowd grew to over 4,000 and as the day progressed, it became obvious that showcasing diversity is exactly what Maha does.

Omaha and Kansas City’s thriving punk scenes

  Jenna Hynek CONTRIBUTOR Lying to parents is a teenage staple to the screwed-up youth culture. It’s the most thrilling form of rebellion a teenager can commit with...