Sitar player makes Black Angels music even more unique

The Black Angels' music is unique. The sitar player adds a special touch.

Omaha engineer Grammy nominated for his work on Gaga’s ‘You and I’

Did you ever think Lady Gaga would be here in Nebraska to record a Grammy award-winning song?

May the Source be with You

Back in September I wrote about my plan to switch from Windows to Linux. Part of what prompted me to make such a drastic change was the need to stretch my education budget. Cutting myself loose from proprietary software and migrating to open source seemed like a good way to do it. Three months later, I'm still using Ubuntu and I'm quite happy about it. In fact, I've installed it on three of five of my computers at home – one of them is an old Mac Mini that needed a makeover.  

Omaha and Kansas City’s thriving punk scenes

  Jenna Hynek CONTRIBUTOR Lying to parents is a teenage staple to the screwed-up youth culture. It’s the most thrilling form of rebellion a teenager can commit with...

Audiences embrace ‘The Lion King’ in 3D

"Hakuna Matata—what a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata—ain't no passing craze." As theaters filled up last weekend to celebrate the re-release of one of Disney's classic movies in 3D, it's clear "The Lion King" is also not a passing craze.

The Holdup brings reggae beats to the Midwest

By Ray Koch When reggae music meets the Midwest, the crowd reaction may not be what you, or the band expects. Last Wednesday,The Holdup, a reggae-style...

Artist raises awareness about capital punishment

The death penalty has always been a hot topic issue in the United States. There are currently 34 states with the death penalty, with Nebraska being one of them. One artist who doesn't believe in the death penalty is taking a stand to try and abolish capital punishment entirely.

Nebraskan poet Barbara Schmitz speaks at UNO

E.J. Free CONTRIBUTOR Barbara Schmitz always wanted to be a writer. Now known as the Poet of Highway 81, Schmitz has lived and worked in Norfolk, Nebraska,...