Madonna shows why she’s a living legend with new CD

Say what you want about Madonna, but when every pop star who follows you is compared to you, that says a lot. On her new album, "MDNA," Madonna shows why the original is always the best.

8 things to do in Omaha for students on a budget

Ashley O’Hara Contributor Being a college student on a tight budget during the summer can lead to boredom. If you stay in Omaha this summer, you...

Les Miserables

When Victor Hugo's masterpiece was transferred from book to stage, it transcended to a whole new level that only theatre could invoke - a portrayal of humanism so deep that the final scene of the protagonist's departure to heaven moved the entire audiences to tears.

The Sept. 21 production of "Les Miserables" was profoundly touching with the culmination of many themes wrapped into a beautiful interplay of morale and cataclysm.

Hurts so good: ‘Vampire Diaries’

Television's most scrumptious guilty pleasure "The Vampire Diaries" returns to the CW for its third season. This "True Blood"-goes-high-school drama, based off a popular series of books, follows Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) as she's caught in a love triangle with Stefan and Damon, two vampire brothers. She fell in love with Stefan Salvatore (Paul Weasly), but a rather flirtatious relationship has developed with his brother Damon (Ian Somerhaulder).

Journalism professor discusses his book on Native American culture

Hugh Reilly, associate professor in UNO's School of Communications, spoke Feb. 15 at a seminar for the Center for Great Plains Studies at UNL about The Great Sioux Uprising in 1862, a topic that inspired his book, "Bound to Have Blood: Frontier Newspapers and the Plains Indian Wars."

Q-and-A with local band The Answer Team

The Gateway chatted with local band The Answer Team about who they are, where they've been, their times at UNO and plans for their next big album.

KANEKO remains a valuable resource

Marissa Wiese CONTRIBUTOR The University of Nebraska at Omaha teamed up with KANEKO to create a resource rich place for students to study in the Old...

Nolan’s Interstellar a perfect illustration of director’s strengths, weaknesses

By Phil Brown, Contributor There’s probably no filmmaker out there whose filmography has more consistently appealed to my tastes as a teenager, and now twentysomething,...