Avery Mazor tells the story behind the art

The walls of UNO's art gallery are currently lined with photographs. "Avery Mazor: Text Messages and Other Works" is the beginning of a profound study of the human-divine relationship.  

Award-winning illustrator speaks about his work at the Joslyn

Chris Raschka had a monumental decision to  make. He could either go to medical school, which would mean closing his sketch books for the next 10 years, or he could take a leap of faith into an art career.

Enthusiasm key to being a Student Orientation Leader

As a Student Orientation Leader it's important to be informative and organized about University of Nebraska Omaha's campus to keep people on task throughout the day. But one other characteristic is just as important: enthusiasm.

City and Colour set to play at the Slowdown

Canadian acoustic  folk singer Dallas Green, also known as City and Colour, is set to play the Slowdown Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. Advanced tickets are $22 and day-of-show tickets are $25.

Hello World! Loops and other things

Greetings again, programmers, and welcome to week 2 of Hello World!  Last week we learned a little about Python the programming language.  We learned something about the print() function (more on functions later), variable assignment, and took a (very) brief look at a loop.  Just as a reminder, in case you've forgotten or misplaced your copy of last week's lesson, here's what it looked like:

What’s all the chatter about Beyoncé & Jay Z surprise twin announcement?

Brianna Olson ONLINE CONTENT MANAGER Beyoncé dropped what some are calling the biggest (and best) news of 2017--she’s pregnant with twins. Beyoncé took to Instagram on Wednesday,...

The Waiting Room

Bobby Kreifels is a Waiting Room regular for a reason.

Exhibit focuses on feminism through artwork

Art can be provocative. It can be powerful. It can be beautiful. The "Les Femmes Folles: Voice" exhibit, co-curated by Sally Deskins and Megan Loudon Sanders and currently on display at The New Blk (black) at 1213 Jones St., embodies all of these things.