Odd Future’s front man, runner-up merge into adulthood, release albums

By Taleisha Newbill, Contributor Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt are in a new space and place then their early teenage years in the beginning stages of...

Canvas and Cabernet opens in Aksarben

Walking into Canvas and Cabernet, a new addition to the Aksarben area, you might not be sure what you're getting yourself into.
On one side, the walls are covered in seemingly elementary paintings. The walls on the opposite side are lined with artistic masterpieces.  There is a stage and about 20 painting stations.  Keep walking and there are shelves with eclectic items for sale. Keep walking farther, and you'll run into the bar.
At this point, you aren't really sure if you're in a bar, gallery, gift shop or classroom.
The truth is that Canvas and Cabernet is all of these things.  It is an exciting new venue that offers instructed painting "classes" to groups. But, this isn't your average painting class.

UNO theatre opens season with ‘The Government Inspector’

No one is who they seem in UNO's adaptation of "The Government Inspector," which opened this past weekend. Originally written in 1836 by Nikolai Gogol and adapted by Jeffery Hatcher in 2008, UNO's Douglas Paterson took the play one step further with an adaptation of his own. Paterson, who directed the play, moved the time and setting of the piece from Russia in the 1830s to our own familiar Omaha, Neb. in 1861.

Enjoyable, but falls short; “Stand Up Guys” doesn’t quite get there

When you're given a script which calls for obvious, impending doom and you have a cast that includes Al Pacino and Christopher Walken it's best to just get out of the way and allow the magic to happen. However, in "Stand Up Guys" there's a sense that director Fisher Stevens was overreaching for something too complex and putting too many fingerprints on a canvas better left to the brush of the actors involved.
The story revolves around two friends, Val (Pacino) and Doc (Walken) who at one time decades ago were involved in organized crime. Val is being released from prison after serving a 28-year sentence in connection to a gunfight. Doc greets him outside the prison gate and a trip down memory lane ensues.

Story-focused game not just for “nerds”

Rachael Vacanti Contributor I walked into the game room at Legends Comics and Coffee and immediately encountered some-one punching a spider, people tangled up in webs,...

Student art on display at UNO Art Gallery

Danielle Meadows CONTRIBUTOR Art students have their time to shine at the University of Nebraska at Omaha gallery. The annual juried art student exhibition is open for...

Eclectic indie rock veteran comes to Orpheum

Derek Munyon Arts & Entertainment Editor Sufjan Stevens has been an indie rock icon for over 15 years now.  His eclectic style has lead him to...

“Bladerunner 2049” stops in box office despite critical praise

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCcx85zbxz4 “Blade Runner 2049” is not performing well at the box office, but cinema goers shouldn’t let that deceive them. Without a doubt,...