‘The Grey’ a brutal and intense thriller

A few winters ago, Liam Neeson began a new phase in his career. He went from dramatic Oscar-worthy performances in films like "Schindler's List" and "Michael Collins" to an unlikely action star in the hit film "Taken." It was an odd move and hasn't been without its bumps.

An intimate portrait of Jeffrey Koterba

Though he should be working on tomorrow's cartoon, Jeffrey Koterba's mind drifts. He begins to sketch a man. It is the same man he always sketches. This man is not him, but it is.

Tornado destroys newly built Academic Excellence Center

On Thursday, Mar. 29, severe weather threatened surrounding Douglas county areas south of Dodge and a tornado touched down on the east side of campus, strategically pinpointing the Academic Excellence Center that was built in February. Already prone for destruction, the center was not able to withstand the forceful gales that ravaged the campus. Ironically, all other buildings were untouched.

Hip hop artist Grieves rocks the Waiting Room with new music

By Jenna Hynek CONTRIBUTOR I arrived at the Waiting Room an hour before Grieves came to the stage. I had done my research—listened to his music, read...

Open your mind at the OM Center

Will Patterson ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR From the moment one walks into the Omaha Healing Arts Center, also known as the OM Center, they are instantly...

UNO student publishes first novel, “Atlas”

Ashley Quintella CONTRIBUTOR A sense of relief washed over Ethan Free after holding the book in his hands for the first time. It wasn’t a book...

Hear Nebraska blog to curate Holland stage

Stefan Snijders Contributor Local web-based entertainment blog site HearNebraska.org plans to further its involvement with Omaha’s performing arts with a sponsorship in the Holland Stages concert...