Homecoming Week

What's your impression of homecoming this year? How do you think the absence of a football team (as compared to a traditional homecoming) impacts UNO homecoming? What do you think about UNO using a hockey game instead, and what would you like to see for UNO's future homecomings?

SNAP! Productions: Tiny theater makes a big impact

Rachael Vacanti CONTRIBUTOR SNAP! Productions was formed in 1993. A small local theater in midtown Omaha, SNAP! has an incredibly diverse, yet focused mission, with interesting...

J. Cole shuns industry norms in revolutionary album

By Nick Beaulieu, Editor-In-Chief “Do you want to be… happy?” It’s a question with an obvious answer at face value. But it’s the recurring phrase throughout the intro...


In us resides the power of creation, for better or worse. Every decision we make changes our history. Those extra minutes we search for our lost keys might very well have saved us from the accident on I-80. For all the time we spend studying for our lives, it is that random bit of trivia that one picks up from a game show which breaks the ice with our future spouse.

Motion City Soundtrack returns to Metro, plays downtown Slowdown

Fans lined up outside the Slowdown Sunday, Oct. 14 for the much anticipated return of Motion City Soundtrack to the Metro. 

Henry Doorly Zoo’s 38th annual Zoo Run

Megan Fabry A&E EDITOR Runners gathered on a beautiful sunny day at the starting line for the Henry Doorly Zoo’s 38th annual Zoo Run on Sept....

Expressive UNO flute teacher inspires the audience

Christine Beard is the flute professor at UNO and an equally, an expressive performer. Most days you would see Beard inspiring students in her office, but on Wednesday, Jan. 30 the audience was gifted with her masterful talents.

Documentary explores hidden meanings in Kubrick’s “The Shining”

Stephen King first released "The Shining" in 1977, becoming an established horror writer. Three years later, director Stanley Kubrick brought "The Shining" to life, proving to audiences once again that he was a master of filmmaking.
Thirty-three years later, director Rodney Ascher examines the weird world of "The Shining" in his documentary "Room 237." The film's objective is to uncover hidden meanings Kubrick may have intended in his making of "The Shining."