City and Colour set to play at the Slowdown

Canadian acoustic  folk singer Dallas Green, also known as City and Colour, is set to play the Slowdown Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. Advanced tickets are $22 and day-of-show tickets are $25.

Online shopping: Convenient or a hassle?

Kelly Langin ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR “Hi there,” the email begins. “I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your interest in...

Retribution on display in Oscar contender ‘Grit’

The first thing that needs to be pointed out about the Coen brothers' newest movie "True Grit," is that it isn't a remake of the 1969 John Wayne film. Instead, it is a faithful reconstruction of the 1968 book by Charles Portis.

Back to basics with ‘The Artist’

If there is one tool that a filmmaker can use to get me hooked, it is nostalgia. "The Artist," of course, plays right into that.

Farm Festival: A celebration of Blackstone District and its revival

Mina Davis CONTRIBUTOR With the Farnam Festival back for its second continuous year celebrating the Blackstone neighborhood, participants were able to experience the area on an...

Criss Library adds Kindle collection

The Criss Library's Kindle collection received an update recently, including the addition of a Kindle Fire and seven Kindle Touch devices. The devices arrived shortly before winter break and went into circulation as the spring semester began.

“Westworld” intrigues in pilot episode

Rob Carraher CONTRIBUTOR Deriving from the creative mind of the late Michael Crichton, HBO’s newest series, “Westworld” (2016), marries niche genres of science fiction and westerns...

Blue happy hour celebrates the social experience

Achieving a sort of Western cult status, sushi dining in the modern United States is popular. Tables full of people engage in mastication of the world's slimiest water-dwelling beings, usually while taking part in warm, genuine conversation. Experience has shown me that those with more adventurous tastes are capable of more eclectic social interaction.