Canvas and Cabernet opens in Aksarben


By Natali Bianco, Entertainment Editor

Walking into Canvas and Cabernet, a new addition to the Aksarben area, you might not be sure what you’re getting yourself into.
On one side, the walls are covered in seemingly elementary paintings. The walls on the opposite side are lined with artistic masterpieces.  There is a stage and about 20 painting stations.  Keep walking and there are shelves with eclectic items for sale. Keep walking farther, and you’ll run into the bar.
At this point, you aren’t really sure if you’re in a bar, gallery, gift shop or classroom.
The truth is that Canvas and Cabernet is all of these things.  It is an exciting new venue that offers instructed painting “classes” to groups. But, this isn’t your average painting class.
Your group chooses any of the pre-made painting examples that they’d like to re-create. The options available range anywhere from paintings of martini glasses to cityscapes to Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  Then an instructor guides you through the painting basics.
There is as much or as little instructor guidance available as you’d like, but guests are encouraged to enjoy a glass of wine or beer from the bar, hang out with friends and let their creativity soar.  No artistic ability is needed. Throughout the session, there are a lot of intermissions where guests can get drinks, snacks, shop and converse.
There are a lot of one-of-a-kind items available for sale in the gift shop area.  There are handmade coasters, soaps, bath salts and a lot of other trinkets.  For the more art savvy folks, there are magnificent oil paintings, sculptures and photography works that are also for sale.
Most sessions are $35 per person. Thursday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons are $30. Guests are provided with canvas, paint, brushes and smocks. Wine and beer are available for around $3 per drink. Canvas and Cabernet hosts anything from work parties to baby showers to romantic date nights.
The Canvas and Cabernet venue is also available for private party rental if your group isn’t interested in painting.
You can sign up for a session or book a party at, you can also see all of the available paintings. Walk-ins are accepted, but only if there is space.