Campus says goodbye to building


By Patrick Doty

Thousands of students walk the sidewalks and halls of UNO every day, each attempting to make a unique mark on the campus.Those thousands of students make their marks in many different ways.

For some, it’s done by striving for academic excellence and leaving marks on various walls of honor.

For those less academically driven, a mark might be left with a sharpie to a desk, warning future students about that humdrum of a class.

But for those still searching for a way to make their mark, it might be found at the future home of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service.

There, at the southwest entrance of the old Engineering Building, a white crossbeam and a slew of sharpies can be found.

No, UNO is not condoning vandalism.

“It’s a way for the community to connect with the construction of the building and leave a part of them with it permanently,” said CPACS Dean B.J. Reed.

The construction is on schedule and should be finished by August 2008. The 50-year-old engineering building is being renovated as well as having 20,000 square feet added on to the north and south sides.

Along with being on schedule, Reed said the project is in line with the original budget: $14.2 million for the renovation and $4.2 million for the additions.

Since its formation in 1973, CPACS has been without a permanent home. Reed made this point clear in his addition to the crossbeam: a “history of CPACS” timeline.

“What’s fun [about the beam] is that lots of people have done different things, like drawing or describing themselves, not just sign their name,” Reed said.

The beam will be available to sign through July 15.

“I think people are really having a good time with it,” Reed said. “Fifty years from now, when they decide to renovate the building again, they’ll find our beam up there.