Campus jobs offer more than cash


By Jenny Peterson, Contributor

When searching through the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s job opportunities, 79 jobs from 32 categories can be found. With all of the options, a student might ask, “Which one is the best job on campus?”
The student employees of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation building check gym members in, answer questions and direct people. Jacob, a freshman majoring in business administration, said that he liked his job because it was fairly easy, laid back and social.
His fellow colleagues said that a big benefit included getting to work in the same building as a “state-of-the-art gym.” With the classrooms in the building, a job at HPER makes it easy to attend both classes and work.
Another HPER employee Will, a senior majoring in exercise science, was able to share a couple intense work experiences. Will said that in his almost four years of working at HPER, he has had to call 9-11 three times and has seen several dislocated joint injuries.
Thankfully, these student employees are required to be CPR-certified, because Will also recalled an instance where he was able to recognize and respond to someone having a heart attack.
Shaylee, a freshman majoring in business, works at the Criss Library Café. Shaylee said that she enjoyed working at the café because the benefits included free food on occasion. She said that during the week things get pretty busy, and during the weekend, everything is a bit more relaxed and laid back.
Shaylee also said that she has not quite come across any crazy experiences while at work, but then again, she has only been at this job for a couple of weeks. Shaylee thought that her job was the best job on campus because she lives on campus, so it is very easy and convenient to get to work. She also liked the fact that she got to see a lot of her peers from class and seemed to be happy with her pay.
Derek, a junior who is majoring in computer sciences, works in the Information Services Technical Support, which is the UNO customer service. His duties range from answering emails about technical issues, such as forgotten passwords, to answering the phone about issues with Blackboard, as well as checking out laptops to students.
Derek said he is also allowed to work night shifts that constitute of “babysitting the lab” on top of other job duties.
Derek had a few stories about his crazy work experiences. Some had to do with students getting upset about the policies applied to checking out laptops. Many don’t want to pay the late fees applied to their student accounts and try to get out of it.
Derek explained that the fees are required to be paid, and some graduates have been waiting years for their transcript because of this overdue bill.
Benefits to this job include having some downtime to study during these night shifts. Derek said that he made more money at his last job, but for what he does now, he is happy with his current pay.
From free food, to extra study time, to having easy access to a great gym, each student job seems to have its own unique benefit. The best job seems to depend specifically on the student’s needs and priorities. You decide.

The Gateway has removed the last names of the interviewed employees out of respect for their privacy.