Campus crime: abduction scare and theft accusation


By Jackson Taylor, News Editor

On Nov. 14, University of Nebraska at Omaha students were warned of a potential dangerous situation near campus. An initial report was given to UNO campus security that an Asian American female was allegedly forced into a vehicle near Dunkin Donuts on 72nd Street.
The woman was described as approximately 100 pounds, 5’2 in height, long dark hair and wearing a pink backpack. Students were asked to give any information about anyone matching this description to campus security.
A few hours later, another report was issued saying that the woman was located and was not harmed. A student called campus security to say they knew the person. This report confirmed that the woman was a UNO student and that it was not an abduction but rather just an argument.
The Omaha Police Department and UNO staff reached out to the student and found that she was safe.
In a separate incident last week, a UNO student who suspected her roommate of stealing money from her, set up a sting operation to gather incriminating evidence for the Omaha Police Department. The student suspected her roommate of taking $260 over a two month period. The victim was missing $200 on Sept. 8 and $20 on three occasions in October.
To catch her roommate in the act, the student purposely left $46 in her purse while she went to take a shower. Before she left the room, she set up her laptop webcam to record video and put a sticky note over the power light. The student was able to capture her roommate stealing the money from her purse and gave this video to the police.
The Omaha Police Department has opened an investigation, but no arrests have been made yet.