Camp Coworking Omaha: Trash Can Kids zine release party


By Susan Payne, Contributor

On Friday, Feb. 10, at 7 p.m., Camp Omaha hosted a live painting and zine release party for local artist Erick Uncool.  The zine features underground music and art found all over Omaha and Lincoln, with photos of live hip hop performances Dirty Diamonds and Omaha’s very own Midtown Marauders. This is the first zine to ever be released, and according to Eagle Salazar, they are hoping to release at least four this year. Every packaged Trash Can Kids Volume One zine came with separate pins, stickers and printed photos, different for every case.

With music courtesy of DJs Dojorok, Kethro and Stephen Bils, along with live painting from Omaha artists Cody Tenzcer, Alyx Jacobs, Kolby Giddings, Erick Uncool and Eagle Salazar, the event was a huge success. Salazar, who is one of Erick’s best friends, had a special opportunity to put together the zine with Erick and support everything he is doing with the Uncool Movement, while he explains his role in the movement.

“My place in the movement means a lot to me ‘cause I get the chance to show people my art that I thought no one would ever see two years ago,” he said. Salazar has not had any professional classes, but has been persistently involved in taking classes in high school.

One of the major goals of The Uncool is that people are motivated to go beyond societal standards and do what they love; Salazar is a prime example of the movement.

“Last night was amazing,” Salazar said. “There was good music, friendly crowd and free hot chocolate! I loved that people got the chance to sit down to draw on stickers, mingle around and hang out. Shout outs to the people who came by to support us and copped a zine.”

The movement will continue releasing zines, shows and art.  You can keep up to date with The Uncool over Facebook, and check out Eagle Salazar’s art and photography at, or on Twitter at