Why you should call your mother

Photo by Etsy

Madeline Miller

If you’re reading this, you should call your mother. She would probably love to hear from you, and you’ll be better for it.

More often than not, your parents just want to hear from you. They want to know that you are doing alright, and if you are not they want to know why and how they can help you.

If you live close enough to visit, do it. If you live far away, set up a time to Skype or FaceTime. While it is true that you may have to explain to them how to video chat, it will be worth it to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Years down the line,you may have to face this world without the people that loved you first. You will not regret spending as much time with them as you can and making sure they know you love them as much as they love you.

If they have an empty nest now, it may make them especially happy that one of their chicks is making time for them.

Maintaining positive familial relationships can greatly affect your life and your performance in school. It does not even have to be a blood relative. If your biological family is lacking in the way of healthy relationships, anyone that took the role of an adopted family member can take their place when you call home. Home comes in many forms.

Technology makes it easy to contact your family any time, and since older adults tend to have more predictable schedules, it may be easiest for you to reach out. It is important to strike a balance between independence and open communication. Calling them too often or every time something goes wrong can lead to a lack of maturity that will affect you later in life.

“I have a pretty good relationship with my family,” UNO student Skyler Limbach said. “I see them quite often, but it is definitely harder to spend as much time as I want with them since I have to make sure to have plenty of time for homework and studying.”

Reaching out to family members strengthens your support system. You do not have to tell them everything about your life, just the important parts you want them to know. Let them be a part of your life.

Especially for parents of freshmen, it can be a difficult transition to go from seeing your child every day to not seeing them at all. You can ease your own transition to college by keeping in contact with them.

As you progress through your time in college, chances are you will need your parents support less and less. That is natural. However, staying in contact after you no longer need to will maintain a relationship that will make your life better in the long run and keep them happy.

So call your parents when you can. Share good news with them. They just want to be a part of your life.