Breaking News!


By Kate O’Dell, Opinion Editor

The front page of, and the breaking news from the Omaha World-Herald Saturday was that Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy made 2,300 phone calls to four women. I read the article, looking for some indication why I should care that he called these women, and after reading the entire article, that question was never answered.
However, I do know exactly how many phone calls he made during what time frames to different women. I now know more about Mr. Sheehy’s phone bill than I know about my own.
 I cannot understand why journalists become investigative when it comes to publicly embarrassing a government official, yet shy away from doing some digging regarding answers to real serious issues, oh you know, like the deaths of Americans.
This isn’t to say the World-Herald is the sole offender. This has become the standard of practice for media. Tune to CNN and the bar scrolling the breaking news often contains updated information on which celebrity couple has decided to call it quits or what they named their baby.
What happened to the days of Woodward and Bernstein? Without journalists like them, the President and government officials remain unchecked. If we are too busy pursuing stories about the irrelevant personal lives of public figures we are missing the most important job of media. Journalists are meant to keep the government honest.
Meanwhile, Sheehy has resigned. He called four different women, on his work phone. Criminal.
Oh wait, Sheehy used a government phone to make personal calls. That makes it a public matter. Criminal.