Bowling, minus the beer


By Ben Coffman

Despite the fact the Ranch Bowl is to lose its current liquor license Feb. 9, there will be no problems with alcohol being served on the premises. The bowling alley, which houses three full bars, was to lose its liquor license because of non-compliance with an Omaha Fire Department list of things to fix.

Eric Markel, assistant manager at the Ranch Bowl, says the list of demands by the fire department included such items as new exit signs and push bars on the doors.

“It’s just a list of minor stuff that didn’t get done in time,” Markel says.

The Ranch Bowl had a request of consideration denied and has re-filed an application for a license. The establishment will have a 30-day grace period in which it can continue to sell alcohol while the application is pending.

The Ranch Bowl’s last violation was in 1988, according to the Liquor Control Commission, and was for sale of alcohol to a minor.

In order to get the license reinstated, the Ranch Bowl will have to be approved by the Omaha Fire Department.