Black Friday:


By Tressa Eckermann, Senior Staff Writer

I have this intense hatred of all things related to Black Friday.

Trust me, I know how irrational it is. But the second I see something on the news in the days leading up to it, or the days after, I can’t help but feel all of those people are completely crazy. Like Mel Gibson crazy.

I get it, times are tough, and people are going to try and catch a deal wherever and whenever they can.But, let’s face it—this isn’t exactly a phenomenon that’s taken off in recent years to help people buy presents for their loved ones during the economic downturn. Black Friday, and the recent advent of Cyber Monday, has been going on for years.

The images of people scrambling over each other, literally trampling each other to get a new TV, looks like the first 20 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan.” This year a woman pepper-sprayed a line of people so she could get to a new X-Box.  Someone else was shot.

I don’t know why I hate it so much, aside from the group-think and mob mentality of the horde of consumers. I’ve only ever gone out super early one year to Target, and although it wasn’t exactly pleasant, it wasn’t a traumatic experience either. Maybe it’s just my claustrophobic aversion towards large crowds. Or maybe it’s all those stupid news stories that air on and after Black Friday.  

Every year, without fail, someone does something stupid or gets hurt – usually both. That’s when newscasters all over the country feel this uncontrollable urge to stand in front of the store where the incident occurred, and tell us about it like we’ve never seen something like this happen, when in reality it happened just last year. As if somehow in the course of a year we completely forgot how insane people can get when you can get something for half price.