Benefits not on Regents’ agenda


By Michael Wunder, News Editor

Due to a shortage of regents, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents will not vote on inclusive benefits during their Dec. 8 meeting.

“Because of scheduling conflicts, not all members of the Board of Regents will be present at the Dec. 8 meeting,” said Board Chairman Bob Whitehouse.  “I have been asked to schedule consideration of the ‘employee plus one’ proposal for a later date. The Board does plan to consider the proposal at a subsequent meeting.”

The policy, proposed by NU President James Milliken in October, would extend healthcare coverage to a qualifying unrelated adult who shares an employee’s household and with whom the employee is financially interdependent, or would provide family coverage for the employee, the other adult and their dependent children, according to a NU press release.

A majority of the regents seemed to favor the policy when Milliken proposed its adoption Oct. 28.

Instead, the board will be asked to approve:

· Elimination of the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering at UNL.

· Creation of a Ph.D. in exercise science at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The program would help address a growing demand in Nebraska and regionally for exercise science professionals with advanced training.

· Creation of a Ph.D. in biostatistics at UNMC. The program would provide students with the instruction and research experience necessary to become high-quality faculty members, researchers and leaders in biomedicine and public health in Nebraska and globally.

· The budget for replacement of the roof at the Animal Science Complex at UNL.

· Installation of controls, HVAC renovations and energy commissioning in the Eppley Science Hall, Lied Transplant Center, Medical Science Building, Durham Research Center I and Durham Research Center II at UNMC, as well as an equipment lease purchase agreement.