Academic resources for students’ success


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Cassie Wade

With different teaching styles and less hand holding than high school classes, college can be academically challenging for many students, which is why the University of Nebraska at Omaha provides students with the resources they need to succeed.

For students who need help honing their English and writing skills, the Writing Center located in Arts and Sciences Hall 150 offers 180 consulting hours each week, according to the Center’s director, Dr. G. Travis Adams.

Adams said consultants are available Sunday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters to help students with whatever they need.

“We help with anything related to any kind of writing assignment or project at any point in the planning, drafting, revising [and] editing cycle,” Adams said. “This includes work on introductions, transitions, clarity, mechanics, formatting, punctuation and much more.”

Adams encourages students to utilize the Writing Center because of how valuable good writing skills can be when it comes to students’ future careers.

“As cliché as it sounds, all of us are writers. Learning writing skills while in college positions you to do well in whatever career you pursue,” Adams said. “When employers screen applications, all other things equal, they will take the stronger writer.”

Students can book an appointment at the Writing Center online by creating an account on the center’s online scheduling website. Walk-ins are also welcome.

The Math-Science Learning Center (MSLC) located in 107 Durham Science Center is available for students needing extra help in their math or science classes.

According to MSLC’s website, drop-in peer tutoring services are available to students in 1000 to 2000 level math and science courses, including biology, chemistry, geography, geology, math and physics. Help is also available upon request for students in 3000 to 4000 level classes.

Students also have the opportunity to join MSLC’s facilitated study groups of 6 to ten students led by a peer facilitator who has already completed the course the other students are working on.

Academic consultation appointments to discuss reoccurring problems, such as what to do when
studying more for an exam doesn’t improve their test scores.

All students are required to take a class in public speaking or argumentation and debate as part of the general education requirments and will need to use the Speech Center to complete assignments in both classes.

According toPublic Speaking Fundamental Program Director Karen Dwyer, the Speech Center is located in Arts and Sciences Hall 185 and consists of two rooms, the basic course room and the consulting room.

“Students who are in our basic public speaking course can drop by 8-5 and get help with their speeches, presentations, outlines, and researching a topic for free,” Dwyer said. “The consulting room was added in 2006 and is for the whole campus.”

Marlina Davidson is the Speech Center Consulting Coordinator and runs the consulting room.

“The consulting room is a free service for any faculty, staff or student here at UNO,” Davidson said. “We help with a variety of things and are very much like the Writing Center, but instead of helping with papers, we help with presentations.”