Two Rivers: Worth the journey outside of Omaha


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Katrina Jenkins

With summer slowly drawing to a close and school work slowly starting to pile on, it’s understandable that many students are looking for ways to take a short break from reality. Fortunately, Nebraska does offer some quick getaway spots, one of which is Two Rivers State Park.

This park is one of the most popular recreation areas in the state and is a great place to go for a bit of relaxation. Located in Waterloo, Nebraska, the park is next to the Platte River on 302 acres of land. There are seven lakes, each for different activities. One pond is for swimming, another for fishing and there is even one for boating.

All of these lakes and ponds make for some beautiful walking paths. The park has a mile of hiking trails for those looking for a way to stretch their legs and take in some beautiful scenery.

However, for those who would rather bike than walk, the park also has two miles of mountain biking trails. Visitors will not find themselves with nothing to do if they take a day to go to this state park, and those who can afford to take the weekend off should absolutely do it.

While Two Rivers State Park is well known for its many scenic hiking paths and lakes full of trout, one of its most unusual features are the 10 restored Union Pacific train cabooses that have been remodeled into comfortable lodging for those who would like to stay at the park without actually having to pitch a tent.

Each caboose is air conditioned, includes a modern bathroom and small kitchen, and can sleep up to six people, making it perfect for a quick weekend getaway with some friends. There is also a deck with a grill for those who enjoy dining in the great outdoors.

For those who would rather not rent a caboose for the weekend, there is also the option of renting a campsite and bringing along a tent.

The park has modern restrooms and showers, so that should not be a concern, and spending the night away from modern distractions with friends is a great way to spend the weekend. The park is also said to be a wonderful place to stargaze for those who enjoy studying the many constellations.

Hunting is another available activity. With the hunting season almost here, those interested in participating should start looking at different places where they might be interested in going. Two Rivers provides 342 acres of open hunting land so there is plenty of space for those interested. With so many different options, it should be no trouble for visitors to find some way to entertain themselves while spending time at the park.

The real world can be exhausting. The constant movement and need to be doing something can be draining and it is important to remember that it is good to get a break from it all every once in awhile. One of the best places to take a break nearby is in Waterloo, Nebraska at Two Rivers State Park.